Winners of the A League tour: Gtuni, Orbi and Kavkasia

Winners of the A League tour: Gtuni, Orbi and Kavkasia

Tbilisi Olympic Palace hosted another round of A League today. As you are aware, the previous, 3rd round was postponed due to the pandemic, and today all three meetings were held as planned. Gtuni (Grigol Tavartkiladze University), the leader of the tournament, gained another victory. The team coached by Davit Nozadze defeated Mgzavrebi, relegated from the Super League, with a big difference – 108:68 (Statistics)

As can be seen from the score, Gtuni did not have trouble winning. Mgzavrebi is an obvious outsider of the current season, which does not have a single legionnaire and is mainly staffed by young, inexperienced players. Tavartkiladze university team did not have a clear leader. Playing time was given to almost everyone equally, which was more like training than a match with a serious opponent.

The next match turned out to be very tense. Margveti was defeating Orbi throughout the first half, but the latter turned the game around in the third period and finally gained a significant victory – 83:75 (Statistics). Orbi is an undefeated team of A League together with Gtuni, but it has played 1 match less.

Jamal Wright led the winners with 16 points, 7 rebounds, 5 steals and 5 assists. Nika Lolishvili collected 15 points, while his brother Levan scored 13 points. Jarrett Henderson was the most effective in Margveti with 31 points and 11 rebounds. Isaiah Lewis scored 16 points. 

In the last match of the day and the tour, Kavkasia defeated the debutant of A League Astrali – 97:79 (Statistics). Astrali was winning from the beginning, however, the Caucasians played the second period very effectively, winning it 31:13, and they went to the big break with a 15-point lead. Astrali reduced the gap to 4 points with diligence, however, thanks to Tato Zuzadze and Mike Balogun, Kavkasia still managed to leave the opponent behind and win with a big difference.

Balogun led the winners with 38 points, scoring 8 three-pointers. Riley Hayes collected 21 points and 17 rebounds. Tato Zuzadze scored 13 points. Evan Hinson was the most effective in Astrali with 26 points. Evan Milligan had 12 points.

All three matches of the next round of the A League will be held on February 23.