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The Saski Baskonia Camp Has Finished



The Basketball Camp of Saski Baskonia in Tbilisi finished today at the Vere Sports Complex. The project involved 75 young players and the best 16 will be nominated later for the general camp for Vitoria. The participants were young players born between 2001 and 2006. Saski Baskonia is the holder of several Basketball clubs and schools, whose alumni players are playing in Euroleague and NBA teams.

The coaches come from Spain, who will nominate the 16 players and take them to Vitoria in August for the general camp. The players, who will be chosen for the stay, will continue studying and training in the collaborating clubs of Saski Baskonia.

The closing ceremony of the camp had the special guest – Tariel Khechikashvili, Minister of  Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia, who expressed his gratitude towards the projects, stating: “I am sure it ill be easier for these children to gain experience in Europe after such opportunity and will have a good career afterwards. The successful collaboration with Saski Baskonia gave us the chance to take our co-working to the next level – Spanish club expressed the will of establishing their youth basketball academy here in Georgia. This will give the chance to more children to master the playing. Zaza Pachulia gave this a major boost by opening the basketball academy, as more active and veteran basketball players have the interest of opening the sport academies. These kind of schools doesn’t only encourage raising the performance level of athletes, but will favor the competition between the basketball clubs in our country.”

Mikheil Gabrichidze (the GBF President) stated: “The Saski Baskonia Camp 2017 is coming to an end. This is the 3rd camp, according to our mutual contract with them. Our guests emphasize the better performance of the young players this year and this indicates the proper development of basketball. The Georgian coaches perform better this year as well. We are taking our collaboration to the next level: the project of Baskonia basketball academy is being developed, whose targeting group will be the younger players mostly, but include Coaching trainings, clinics and refinement of qualifications.”

Jesus Vasquez, (the “Saski Baskonia” President) stated: “As the camp is being finished, more clearly we can see the individual and physical condition of the young basketball players. The talent and hard work have grown its fruits already – they raised their performance level on the court and we are more than glad to get the results like these. Georgia is a small country, but it always have been basketball country.”

Misho Zurabishvili (the Young player, participant of Saski Baskonia Camp) stated: “The Saski Baskonia camp is important for our experience and success. We gain a huge basketball knowledge, as we are trained very experienced Spanish coaches, who work hard for developing our basketball skills.”

Photo by: Tamuna Kulumbegashvili (MSY Press-Office)

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