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The Collaboration between the Georgian Basketball National Federation and Saski Baskonia Continues



The collaboration continues between the Georgian Basketball National Federation and “Saski Baskonia”, which is Vitoria based sports holding and is the holder of several youth basketball schools and basketball clubs. The alumni players of the club vary from Euroleague clubs to the NBA.

“Saski Baskonia” is holding the camp clinic in Tbilisi 2 years already and just like in the previous years, this above-mentioned camp is giving the chance to youngster ballers to master the playing. 75 young players were involved respectively born in the years of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Overall 16 players will be chosen to go to Vitoria and stay for general camp of Laboral Kutxa. This will give the chance to youngsters to play in various clubs collaborated with Saski Baskonia.

Mikheil Gabrichidze (the GBF President) stated: “ We are glad that this project continues. It is already the season 3 we (GBF), along with Saski Baskonia make this happen. This year we will choose the candidates for the upcoming general camp, who will have the chance to study and train in one of the Europe’s best and successful sport school. This project was “paused” for several reasons, but as long as the special commission finished examinations, it continues. This is very important for Georgian Basketball, Georgian sports and proper development if youth.”

Jesus Vasques (the President of  “Saski Baskonia”) stated: “We are more than glad to be together again in this project, but we never stopped co-working – camp has been held for 3 years already and we all were working hard for this: the GBF, “Saski Baskonia”, Trainers, Coaches, players, and all the people involved. Young players are performing better and we will continue to shape good athletes from these players.”

Joan Braulio (Coach and Head of “Saski Baskonia” Camp in Georgia): First of all I would like to thank you on behalf of “Saski Baskonia”. We are glad for having the opportunity for being and working here again. This season kids are performing better, they have a better concentration and better shape. We didn’t expect this and this was the pleasant surprise for us. This is an indicator of proper development of basketball and it has a good future here in Georgia. 

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