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Finals of Superleague Season 2017: A Repeat from Dinamo and Kutaisi



The other team in the finals has been revealed between Dinamo and Rustavi in the Semifinals. Dinamo won 3 games in a row in the playoff series and hit the finals, where their counterpart will be Kutaisi.

Rustavi resisted with the huge powers, but Dinamo broke through their defenses and left no chance for them. Both teams lacked the injured lead players – Spagnolo of Rustavi and Vaughn of Dinamo. Dinamo won the first period 31:26 and raised their dominance with 20 points, which was skipped to 10 later by Rustavi, but this was the best they could to just to catch up with the score. 6 players from Dinamo managed to reach the 10 points bar. Berishvili was the most productive with 22 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. Patsatsia scored 19 points, Chochua and Londaridze 16 points each. The most effective players from Rustavi were Briggs with 20 points and 9 rebounds and Lee with 18 points.

The first game of the final series will kick off on May 22 and on the same day game for 3rd place will be played between Cactus and Rustavi.

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