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Sokhumi Leads the Playout


The games in the Playout are getting tensed. Two games were played today in the Tbilisi Olympic Palace - Sokhumi won against Batumi and on the other hand Olimpi managed to eliminate the big score difference and defeat Mgzavrebi. This gave Sokhumi a huge advantage and is leading the Playout leaderboards. They have 2 points more than Olimpi and Mgzavrebi and 3 points more than Batumi.

Regarding the second game between Mgzavrebi and Olimpi – as said above, Olimpi managed to turn the tide in which they were drowning and after the huge difference in the score, they played an ace 3rd period, this gave them 10 points dominance over Mgzavrebi later in the 4th period. Mgzavrebi was trying hard to top them again. Olimpi won 75:71 overall and has the same score points as Mgzavrebi in the leader boards, and more than Batumi.

Sokhumi - Batumi  95:85

Mgzavrebi - Olimpi  71:75

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