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Rustavi Wins Easily Against Cactus



The 21st tour continues in Tbilisi. Rustavi defeated Cactus easily and made sure their spot in the Top 4, Cactus came near to the outsiders. This latter has 13 lost games in 21 tours and has just 1 point more than Batumi, who is in the outsiders zone as well.

In spite of the great effort Cactus could do nothing. Rustavi was more organised in strategy and had consolidated powers – they won 24:12 in the 1st period and 19:27 in the second. This gave them a 20 point advantage before the Half Time.

Cactus had whole second half to to change the situation, but all their efforts were in vain. It is hard to eliminate the 21 points in 10 minutes and Cactus was not stinging that hard. The most effective players were Spagnolo with 18 points, Briggs scored 17 points, Atuashvili scored the same amount of points – 17 on their favor. Cactus’s best players were Bridgeman with 13 and Florveus with 10 points.

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