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Dinamo Wins in Kutaisi



The central game of the 3rd round was between the leaders of the Superleague – Kutaisi and Dinamo. The game was intensive, equal and interesting at the same time. The result was unexpected though.

All the periods were equal except the 1st one, when Dinamo won 30:14. It was only 2 and a half minute left when Pashaev evened the score 75:75. Dinamo took the timeout and everything as decided after this timeout. They won 90:78 and they are 5 points forward in the leaderboards, afterwards comes Kutaisi.

The most effective players were Vaughn with 22 points, 8 assists, Patsatsia with 19 points, Maravic with 18 points and Berishvili with 16 points. The most efficient players for Kutaisi were Tsintsadze with 19 points, Pashaev with 14 points, Lomouri with 12 points. 

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