Madrid Hosted Seminar For Press and Media Representatives Organized by FIBA

Madrid Hosted Seminar For Press and Media Representatives Organized by FIBA

From November 30 to December 2, Madrid, the capital of Spain, hosted seminar EuroStep specially organized for press and media officers of different European basketball federations.  The main purpose of the event was to introduce modern digital technologies to participants in order to modernize their work.

FIBA ​​with the financial support of Erasmus+ sports programs and the academic partnership of Cologne Sports University organized this wonderful event. Head of the FIBA ​​Europe Women’s Basketball and Special Projects Department, Elizabeth Sebrian, Sakis Kontos, Head of Communications and the head of the National Federations, Youth and Anti-Doping Department, Radmilla Turner have arranged the seminars.

Spanish Basketball Federation hosted the program and seminars were held at office, where the federation’s basketball museum is located. Visiting the Spanish Basketball Hall of Fame, filled with various titles was part of the EuroStep. All 41 representatives from 30 different European Basketball Federations had opportunity to see the trophies and titles won by Spanish basketball players during the years.

Geoff Wilson was the main speaker of EuroStep, a marketer from Northern Ireland, who cooperates with FIFA in digital marketing and digitization issues. An active supporter of the program is the Executive Director of FIBA, Kamil Novak, who met the participants of EuroStep, discussed the importance of digital technologies in their work and wished all the participants further success in their field.

The participants of the program had the opportunity to meet the legend of women’s basketball, the Spanish Amaya Valdemoro, as well as the famous German basketball player Jan Jagla, who cooperate with the digital basketball platform NBN23, author of another mobile application SWISH. Platform also was presented within the framework of the EuroStep seminar. The participants and organizers of the program, together with FIBA ​​Executive Director Kamil Novak, played basketball on a small court specially arranged in the museum. Points of the competition were calculated using the newly launched application SWISH.

By the end, the representatives of the Spanish, Slovenian, Swedish and Irish basketball federations have presented result and approaches taken by them in past years.

Even though content of the program was very interesting, no less important than the above-mentioned issues, were the relations established and strengthened between the media officers of different organizations. Irakli Pertaia, member of the Public Relations Department and press officer of the National Team, participated in the program from Georgian Basketball Federation.

The next and final meetings of EuroStep will take place in June 2023, in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, during the Women’s European Championship. during future webinars in an interactive workshop the participants of the program will have to present the projects based on knowledge and experience gained in Madrid.