Olimpi's 6th Victory In A Row And Kutaisi's Defeat Against Caucasus

Olimpi's 6th Victory In A Row And Kutaisi's Defeat Against Caucasus

Another round of Super League took place in regions today. Teams from Tbilisi visited Rustavi and Kutaisi and defeated local hosts. One of the leaders, Caucasus beat Kutaisi in Imereti and became the leader of the championship. Olimpi win its game against Rustavi and increased winning strike up to 6 games.

Team coached by Davit Rogava started season with 2 loses and afterwards won all 6 games. Out of all victories defeating Rustavi was the toughest challenge Olimpi had to overcome. Teams tied in The main time of the game, 85:85, in order to reveal the winner they had to play overtime. Olimpi did not leave any chance for success to its opponent and eventually won game by 99:90.
Dru Kuxhausen became the real hero of overtime. Through out the game he collected 12 points, 8 out of which was scored in overtime. As for the main time, Luka Liklikadze was the real leader of his team. 19 years old player showed his best performance. Liklikadze was in starting 5, he spent 36:25 minutes pan the court and scored 26 points. He used 4 out of 8 two-pointer, and three-pointer shots, scored all 6 free throws.
Rustavi did not have enough strength to defeat tough opponent. Eventhough team coached by Anatoli Boisa cut down huge difference and scored 12 unanswered points in third period, their determination was not enough. Rustavi came back to game thanks to Luka Bulashvili’s, Guga Patashuri’s and Revaz Rogava’s contribution.

At the last minute of the game score was tie. Olimpi missed its attack and hosts had 30 second for attack. 10 seconds before the final buzzer Guga Patashuri attacked from three-pointer mark but missed his chance. Olimpi had 10 more second for offense. Lintos Eslais finished quick attack with succesfull two-pointer and 2.6 second before the end of the game score became 85:83, in favor of Olimpi. Hosts carefully planed last attack during time out and Luka Bulashvili tied the score together with final buzzer.

The scenario of the overtime was already described above. After Dru Kuxhausen’s two and three-pointer shots Olimpi took the lead and Rustavi did not have chance to affect the outcome of the game. Together with Liklikadze, Linton Eslais significantly contributed to his team’s victory, scoring 19 points and 10 rebounds. Luka Kalatozishvili collected 13 points and 14 rebounds. Vladimer Tavakarashvili and Dru Kuxhausen scored per 12-points. Luka Bulashvili with 21 points was the best scorer among Rustavi team. Guga Patashuri contributed 19 points and Revaz Rogava collected 13 points and 7 assists.

As for game hold in Kutaisi, Caucasus was considered as the favorite of the match. Forecast was corect and guests gained victory over Kutaisi by 80:73. Kutaisi has serious problems with roaster. Reigning champion began season unsucsesfully and is trying to aquire new legioneries. Kutaisi faced Caucasus with 6 players and did not have enough resouse to win the game.

Next round games of Super League will take place on December 17th between Batumi and Tulips.