Caucasuse's Thirds and Delta's Second Victory in Super League

Caucasuse's Thirds and Delta's Second Victory in Super League

Caucasus, the debutant of the Super League, which started the basketball season by winning the Dudu Dadiani Memorial tournament, is also taking the lead in the Super League. The team coached by Beka Tsivtsivadze, won the third match of the national championship and together with the undefeated Cactus and Rustavi, is in the top of the standings.

Caucasians defeated Vera in the match of the 3rd tour. Davit Gasitashvili’s team lost the 3rd match of the current championship and together with Mega is an outsider of the Super League. Vera started the match well however, since the second period, the Caucasians established complete control over the game. Nikoloz Gaprindashvili, recovered after the injury and played his best match of the season. He collected 7 three-pointers and a total of 23 points – the young forward played a key role in turning the game around in the second period.

Caucasus was winning by 17 points before the break. In second quarter Vera had the only opportunity to save the chance for turning the game around. Despite great efforts, Gasitashvili’s team managed to cut down only 4 points, to which they added 2 in the final period, and the final score was recorded – 87 :73 (statistics).

Alongside with Gaprindashvili, Aizia Ellis with 19 points and 9 rebounds was the best in Caucasus. Ilia Londaridze, who is traveling to Iceland with the national team, scored 10 points and 4 rebounds in 14:28 minutes spent on the court. Martis Kimbrough should be distinguished among the Vera players. Boris Tortladze scored 15 points, Luka Zakradze and Jamir Coleman collected per 12 points. The latter had 10 rebounds as well.

Today, in the last match of the 3rd round of the Super League, Gurjaani Delta gained the most important victory in Batumi. Irakli Dzidziguri’s Delta  invited promising player, Gegi Bakaradze.

Gurjaani started the game strongly and after the first period advanced by 27:19. Afterwards, the hosts started to cut down difference. The reason is the excellent play of the Delta players, thanks to which the team trained by Dzidziguri gained the 2nd victory in the Super League.

Super League will be resumed after the world cup qualifiers window on November 19th.