Caucasus Defeated Olimpi In Tensed Fight

Caucasus Defeated Olimpi In Tensed Fight

The main match of today’s round took place between Olimpi and Caucasus. Mentioned 2 teams, together with Cactus are the most successful competitors of ongoing championship. Caucasus with 1 defeat was one of the leaders of Super League before today’s game. Olimpi won last 6 games and was planning to continue its winning strike and replace Caucasus as the leader of the championship. Game has indeed met its expectations. In equal, tensed match, Caucasus defeated opponent by 1 point and has tied with Cactus once again.

Debutant of Super League has once more proved that winning Dudu Dadiani Memorial tournament was not accident and is more of a constancy. Beka Tsivtsivadze’s team has once more passed difficult exam and continues to lead the championship.

Game took place with transitional advantage. Caucasus was mostly taking lead in the first half. They were scoring from both perimeter and paint. Member of National Team, Ilia Londaridze and young Nikoloz Gaprindashvili looked great in this component. Olimpi, which has the most well balanced roaster in this years championship was opposing Caucsus in all playing elements as well/

Overall score was increasing equally and leaders were changing all the time. Olimpi was mostly taking lead in forth quarter and Caucasus was able to gain decisive scores in last seconds.  Among the winners we should distinguish American legionaries. Commonly Kris Macnil takes responsibilities during the last minutes of the game and Justin Forest covers him. During the last minute thanks to Forests’s free throws Caucasus cut down difference to 1 points, Forest stole the ball and Macnill scored decisive points for Caucasus.

Olimpi had 20 more second to save the game. Though out whole quarter Caucasus has received only 2 team fouls. Thanks to tactical fouls Caucasus was able to defend their rim, Olimpi missed the last attack and after final buzzer identity of winner was revealed. Londaridze with 15 points was the best scorer of the winners. Aizia Elis scored 13 points and 9 rebounds. Macnill collected 12 points and Kvartskhava contributed 10 points and 7 rebounds. As for Olimpi Linton Eslais with 18 points and 8 rebounds hold great match. Giorgi Turdziladze scored 15 points, Luka Liklikadze contribute 14.

In the last game of today’s round TSU will face Tulips.